About Us

 Peer Power !! Support Team


Our Peer Team member Dani

Our Dani has many creative skills, she enhances our service with her cheery outlook and artistic flare!!  

Gina Gonzales established our service in 2013 she has a career background in education, social care, voluntary sector service. Gina is an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) and ISVA Manager. 

Gina has Lived Experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse. She has spent the majority of her adult life in RECOVERY from her experiences. 


Brian is our media/IT and all round promo’ support. He is instrumental in supporting our team to brining our stories to life in sensitive and dynamic ways.

Peer Power!!! Support works wonders. So proud to have Joanne & Karen on our team. 

Trish is our one of our longstanding peer team members. She is a massive source of inspiration and has great admin skills!! much appreciated. 

Our Peer Power !! team work together to develop projects and activities. We have a ‘joint ownership’ ethos which shapes the way we deliver our service.