Perpetrators of CSA rarely act alone. They plot, plan and scheme, using tactics which isolate and manipulate innocent children and young people. More often than not ( some studies show 97%)  of victims know their abusers well in advance of when the abuse takes place.

…keep me safe form this band of criminals and from conspiracy of these wicked men (and women) .They gather in their secret counsel to destroy….They are unafraid and have no fear of consequences. They persist with their evil plans and plot together to hide their traps. They boast “ no one can see us or stop us!

Sexual predators rely on victims being made mute with fear, and the collective silence of society, both crucial elements which allow this heinous crime to continue.

They search out opportunities to pervert justice a they plan the ‘perfect crime’ how unsearchable is their endless evil….

Ps 64:1-10

Perpetrators build their own social networks, often sharing information about vulnerable children in their communities, planning who to target. They see it as ‘safety in numbers’ justifying their actions with one another, feeding off each other…