The Healing Process

February 4, 2022
Author: Andy Prosser

The Healing Process goes in phases or stages

These stages are not necessarily experienced in sequence and some can overlap. You might miss one part altogether, yet seem to spend a long time apparently stuck in another. Healing and resolution is always a personal process, unique to you. Knowledge of these stages can act as a map, helping you see what you have already done and what you may have ahead.

A Survivors Guide to Hope & Healing

Many studies show that trauma caused by sexual abuse can have negative experiences in later life, however research shows that with the right support, even severe early life trauma can be resolved. It also shows that when an adult has resolved their childhood trauma, it benefits their family life and personal relationships.

Recovery from sexual abuse is a process which can take time and which involves recognising and working through specific stages.

Healing Stages:

Acknowledging what happened to you,

Breaking the silence

Believing that you were not to blame,

Living through and integrating the feelings of grief, pain and anger

Maybe if it feels right for you, confronting your abuser.

It is hard work and it takes time and it may be painful, but eventually you will reach what is known as the stage of resolution, where, at last, you will be free to move on and concentrate on positive aspects of your life.As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.